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 Face the truth

Face the truth

The area around our eyes easily reveals fatigue, it is also particularly exposed to the formation of wrinkles. The right skincare products will ensure the complete renewal of delicate and demanding skin. 
The skin around our eyes is very thin – it is only half millimeter thick and is virtually devoid of adipose tissue. The fact is that the early appearance of wrinkles is largely determined by our genes, strain, and not enough fresh air and sleep.

However, one key element for improving the condition of our skin around the eyes is ensuring its proper care. It is essential to thoroughly remove eye makeup using products that are intended specifically for this purpose and apply proper cream. This why our PERFECT REVIVAL series now includes a comprehensive product for eye and lips area PROSYSTEM HOME CARE PERFECT REVIVAL 827 Illuminating & Strengthening Eye and Mouth Area Cream Day/Night SPF 20.

The product is based on the breakthrough Triple-R System technology – Revitalization, Regeneration and Radiance, which ensures the complete renewal of the skin around the eyes and lips. A special AHA complex stimulates cell regeneration processes, which gives a visible effect of smoothness and improved skin tone. The use of an innovative form of vitamin C with a strong revitalizing effect reduces redness, restoring a natural glow. Deep regeneration is guaranteed by a breakthrough ingredient – LIPO-FILLER – which reduces the depth and number of wrinkles.
The cream perfectly complements the PERFECT REVIVAL skin care program, which includes:

Active Revitalizing Day Cream SPF 20

Rejuvenating & Stimulating Skin Renewal Night Therapy

Advanced Illuminating Day Serum
Prosystem Home Care cosmetics are available exclusively in Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and Beauty Partner salons.

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