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Ambient music will liven up the mood, guarantee warm atmosphere and put you in a good mood.  A fascinating book will bring you comfort and joy during long evenings under a blanket over a cup of steaming hot tea. Let's see what is new in the world of books and music albums this winter.
Architecture under the microscope. Essential toolkit to building
Rem Koolhaas – one of the most influential and controversial architects and theoreticians anatomizes the fundamental elements of architecture which constantly evolve nowadays.
World’s most beautiful libraries
From medieval sanctuaries to nineteenth-century palaces, we are following the story of places where the culture of words triumphs. Extraordinary interiors with a rich history set the tone for a fascinating journey for all book lovers.
Auguste Rodin lived from 1840 to 1917. The album features a selection of his works, including, of course, his most famous sculptures The Thinker and The Kiss. Let’s see how Rodin’s passion for observing the human body and showing its expression and beauty defines the directions in which thinking about sculpture has later evolved.
Jean-Michel Basquiat XXL exclusive monograph
New York in the 1980s. Having close ties to underground hip-hop and post-punk, Basquiat became one of the most charismatic artists of his time. The painter was passionately filling countless notepads with poem excerpts and drawings, which later shaped his legendary neo-expressionist paintings. Excellent reproductions augur an extraordinary meeting with the art of the artist who died tragically at only 27 years of age.
Icon of pop culture. Mickey Mouse turns 90
The wonderful world of Walt Disney all the riches of previously unpublished comics, backstage shots and unfinished, never-before printed drawings.
New version of “Nick Cave and Friends” album featuring Wojciech Waglewski.

This one-of-a-kind and unique artist, musician and poet entertains audiences all over the world, but also in Poland, providing inspiration not only to post-rock and alternative music fans.
Mark Knopfler still on a roll

The British guitar hero and Dire Straits frontman released his ninth solo studio album filled with amazing premiere songs inspired by various music styles.
More than two hours of Czesław Niemen’s recordings, saved by Polskie Radio, which have been the subject of tales for a long time now. Re-edition of an album released seven years after the artist’s death.

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