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Like it or not, our skin, which is continuously exposed to a range of irritating factors, at some point is not able to defend itself effectively. Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Ultra Sensitive Skin dermocosmetics will help restore its balance.
UV exposure, air pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, and oftentimes also mismatched skin care products deprive our skin of its natural balance. Reduced tolerance to external factors leads to weaker skin structure, which in turn may cause premature aging.

The most frequent symptom of hypersensitive skin is the feeling of discomfort – tensity, itchiness, prickling sensation, irritation, or even pain. These may be additionally accompanied by dryness, excessive peeling, erythema, swelling, or lumps. What we need is high-quality skin-care products which will be delicate and safe for hypersensitive skin.

An undisputable expert here is the Dr Irena Eris CLINIC WAY Ultra Sensitive Skin series of pharmacy dermocosmetics.

These products guarantee adequate care with rejuvenating effects that also delay skin aging processes, which is recommended for all people with sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergies. Carefully selected substances combined with the innovative technology of transporting active substances into deep skin layers guarantee exceptional anti-wrinkle effects tailored to the needs of the skin of different ages.
The  Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Ultra Sensitive Skin anti-wrinkle dermocosmetics will not only soothe skin hypersensitivity, but also guarantee safe skin care
and rejuvenating effects.
Dr Irena Eris CLINIC WAY Ultra Sensitive Skin dermocosmetics provide a five-step anti-wrinkle skin-care program for a targeted response to the needs or sensitive skin of different ages. Properly matched cosmetics and regular care will help your skin restore its balance. Sometimes, however, we need quick and intense effects. These will be guaranteed by combining the basic care program with Revitalizing Dermocapsules.

Each capsule contains a precise dose of potent active ingredients guaranteeing powerful synergistic effects, developed to intensely nourish, moisturize, and revitalize tired and dehydrated skin that is oversensitive to external factors, and also to prevent skin aging processes. Dermocapsules provide an energizing and regenerative micro-stimulus for the skin. They are highly recommended for use at any age as a 30-day skin-care therapy. The special, highly-advanced formula encapsulated in single-use capsules designed to maintain the highest quality of active substances contains:

Revitalizing concentrate of vitamin A, C, and E – is a synergistic combination of anti-oxidant and anti-aging substances with strong corrective capacity. They stimulate cell renewal processes, improve collagen synthesis, make flaccid tissues firmer and improve blood circulation. The skin regains its elasticity, vitality and youthful appearance.

Lipid concentrate – which intensely moisturizes and activates the hydration process in deep skin layers. Rich in plant oils, it restores hydrolipid layers, protecting the skin against dehydration. It soothes irritations and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The skin becomes quickly regenerated, is optimally nourished and firmed, and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

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