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Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels offer a wide variety of forms of active rest, thanks to which you can stay fit even in winter, gain energy, improve your mood, and through a boost of endorphin levels better your immune system. So bring yourself to get up and start exercising!

Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel in Krynica Zdrój

Situated right next to one of the best ski resorts in Poland, the hotel attracts lots of skiing maniacs every year, and the vicinity of the health resort and its many attractions broadens the possibilities of active rest.

At the hotel

  • fitness classes
  • yoga
  • personal training
  • cardio training

Outside the hotel

  • skiing and snowboarding (Jaworzyna Krynicka Skiing Resort)
  • sledding – luge track in Muszyna
  • ice skating – MOSiR
  • cross-country skiing – with trails of different levels of difficulty in Dolina Czarnego Potoku
  • snowmobiles
  • ski tours

Daniel Lempek, animation manager

Cycling is one of the most universal forms of exercising, fit also for the elderly and the obese, since it doesn’t overly fatigue our joints. Riding a bike can strengthen your heart, lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stabilize blood pressure as well as improve the capacity of the respiratory system. An optimal workout comprises 45 minutes of cycling, with a heart rate between 110 and 115 bpm. If you’re set on losing weight, you should extend the workout accordingly. An hour worth of biking with the average speed of 10km/h guarantees ca. 500kcal burnt.

Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie SPA Hotel

The hotel is tucked away near the Wzgórza Dylewskie Landscape Park. Clean air, breathtaking scenery and a wide range of landforms encourage to spend time outside.

At the hotel

  • fitness classes
  • persoacycling
  • cardio training
  • swimming pool
  • water aerobics

Outside the hotel

  • nordic walking
  • horse riding
  • cycling
  • cross-country skiing
  • skiing (Kurza Góra Ski Resort)
  • skitour

Remigiusz Piotrowski, paramedic

Nordic walking is nice and easy. It’s a bit like cross-country skiing, except you don’t need snow. It’s great for people of all ages. You can do it everywhere, in every climate, no matter the terrain or the season. It sets 90% of your muscles into motion, oxygenates tissues, strengthens the entire body and heightens your mood. Even with the smallest effort, when marching correctly, you can burn around 400kcal in a mere hour.

Dr Irena Eris Polanica Zdrój SPA Hotel

At the hotel

  • fitness classes
  • cardio training
  • squash
  • swimming pool

Outside the hotel

  • nordic walking – Polanica Nordic Walking Route (6,5km)
  • cycling – 98km of mountain bike paths
  • skiing (Ski Arena Zieleniec – hotel provides transportation)

Natalia Kościsz, instructor, personal trainer

Cross-country skiing is great for your health, safe, and – most importantly – a fun sport. It develops all your muscles evenly, considerably enhances your body’s capacity and helps your sense of balance. It’s revitalizing, oxygenates every cell, strengthens your body, and improves your resistance to stress. During an hour-long training, you can burn ca. 600–700kcal. It’s a perfect sport for families because you can master the right running technique at any age. The hotel’s surrounding areas are perfect for cross-country skiing – with all kinds of skiing tracks and routes.

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