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 Streets of Paris
Dr Irena Eris World

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris is another edition in the “Streets of…” series by the prestigious teNeues publishing house.
Here you can see the most romantic cities through the lenses of the greatest modern-day photographers in a slightly different perspective than you might think. This unprecedented collection of the most beautiful photographs from the City of Lights, which is a refreshed version of the classic album, is full of references to the culture of the Internet, Instagram, and Snapchat. One of the most colorful and intriguing cities of Europe, so rich in various cultures as well as art and fashion forms, requires many perspectives.
Ernest Hemingway said that “Paris is a moveable feast.” Seeing thoseunbelievable photographs, one truly learns to celebrate every glance at the City of Love.
There is no way of showing all this diversity with the eyes of only one photographer. That’s why over forty artists wandered through Paris, both its representative avenues and most hidden nooks and crannies, all in order to capture the spirit of this constantly changing cultural crucible. Neither true-born Parisians nor foreigner photographers are hiding their strong attachment to picturing style imposed by the ever-present Internet. Independent, often bold takes on Sacre-Coeur, the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower create a moving, highly suggestive portrait of the city, void of detachment and unwanted solemnity. Attention drawn to details, curiosity regarding less known spots, less obvious frames and funny ideas. You’re watching the Paris of legends, but still very much alive.
Another edition of a series of books that gathers the personal visions of a favorite metropolis by various photographers.

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