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 Dr Irena Eris PROVOKE: Exclusive and Excellent
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Dr Irena Eris PROVOKE: Exclusive and Excellent

"Excellence of the Year" (Doskonałość Roku) is one of the biggest and most prestigious cosmetic contests in Poland, organized by Twój Styl, a glossy women’s magazine.
Its goal is to select and award the best cosmetic products in Poland. On November 3 the results of the 20th edition were announced during a gala ceremony! The group of winners would certainly not be complete without the Dr Irena Eris PROVOKE makeup products, which were awarded in the EXCLUSIVE POLISH COSMETICS category.


It is the brand’s 18th statuette in the 20-year history of the competition! This year the best women’s products were selected by Magdalena Cielecka, Agnieszka Grochowska, dr. Elżbieta Kowalska-Olędzka, Monika Krokiewicz, Joanna Lorynowicz, Anna Czartoryska, and Monika Olejnik.

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