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Long live youth!

The new Dr Irena Eris InVitive series provides multi-level supplementation of vitamin A deficiency, restoration of colalagen, and reduction of all signs of aging, exacerbated by hormonal changes during menopause.
In the new line of Dr Irena Eris InVitive products, mature skin is supported by a perfect duet: peptides with retinol accompanied by beneficial vitamin A, which is known as the vitamin of youth. With the right composition of active ingredients, it helps to reduce the typical symptoms of menopause, occurring as a result of hormonal changes over the age of 45. Feminine fragrance composition supplemented with iris and caramel notes makes daily care a real beauty ritual. Just reach for the elegant glass jar, in the color of blue algae, to immerse yourself in a ritual of revitalizing pleasure with the scent of green apple, woody notes, and oriental patchouli.
Why do visible signs of aging appear on our skin during times of hormonal changes?
Menopause is a period of rapid changes occurring throughout the body due to a drop in estrogen levels. These changes also affect the skin. Loss of firmness and density of tissues accelerates, wrinkles deepen and skin becomes dehydrated. There is a cascade of symptoms, such as discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, and redness. InVitive is a line of cosmetics created to significantly reduce these undesirable symptoms.
What is Baby Collagen? 
Skin aging begins long before menopause, around the age of 25. This is when our tissues start to gradually lose collagen responsible for its firmness, density, and elasticity. Two types of collagen are primarily responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin: 
  • Type 1 collagen – this is the most critical structural protein of the skin, it accounts for 85–90 percent of the collagen in the skin, and is responsible for ensuring its elasticity, density, and firmness
  • Type 3 collagen – this is the so-called Baby Collagen, and although it accounts for only 8–10 percent of the collagen in the skin, it is the most valuable component that we tend to lose the fastest; it stores about 70 percent of water in the skin, and is responsible for its softness, smoothness and proper hydration. 
We lose about one percent of collagen per year after the age of 40, and up to 30 percent during the first five years of menopause.

We have the remedy!
Dr Irena Eris created cosmetics that meet the needs of the skin in this demanding period. The InVitive line includes four products with different forms and concentrations of retinol: day products use a peptide and natural pro-retinol – a component derived from blue algae, and the night products use a peptide and pure retinol at concentrations of 0.1% and 0.15%. They are also enriched with additional skincare ingredients. 
The InVitive cosmetics line uses modern, advanced active ingredients which, thanks to special carriers, penetrate the skin and are gradually released into it, providing a prolonged rejuvenating effect.
Let's explore the special-task ingredients:
It owes its popular name “vitamin of youth” to its versatile action – it is responsible for the formation and growth of skin cells, provides protection against moisture loss, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and prevents discoloration. InVitive products are based on different forms of vitamin A or retinol. In daytime products, it is an extract from blue algae, the so-called pro-retinol. This is an ingredient that activates the same genes as retinol, but does not react with UV, so it is safe to use in day products. InVitive products for the night, on the other hand, contain a pure form of vitamin A, which is encapsulated in special ceramide spheres (so it is more effective, that is, it penetrates deeper layers and lasts longer than regular retinol without the special coating).
The perfect match – peptides and retinol
The InVitive cosmetic line uses state-of-the-art, advanced active ingredients that penetrate the skin through special carriers and are gradually released into the skin, providing a prolonged rejuvenating effect: 
  • Advanced collagen heptapeptide PSC III is an ingredient that increases the synthesis of type III collagen, or Baby Collagen, providing hydrated, soft and elastic skin
  • Pure retinol - unifies skin texture, reduces wrinkles and enlarged pores, reduces hyperpigmentation and redness; encapsulated in microspherical ceramide carriers, which provide deep and prolonged effects. Thanks to this, the biological activity of retinol is up to seven times longer than in the case of retinol without the ceramide coating
  • Pro-retinol from natural blue-green microalgae is an ingredient extracted from a volcanic lake located in North America, fed by melting snow and glacial waters. A real nutritional bomb rich in 11 vitamins, 11 amino acids, 5 minerals (including manganese and iron), and 5 natural pigments (including beta-carotene), it has a similar effect to pure retinol but does not react with the sun and does not cause irritation.

Dr Irena Eris InVitive

Rejuvenating line for mature skin
InVitive Wrinkle Smoothing Restorative Day Cream SPF 30, 50 ml
This day cream smoothens skin and restores its firmness, resilience and elasticity. It contains peptides and pro-retinol, as well as mild emollients that moisturize and soften the skin, and lotus flower extract that prevents skin shine and regulates sebum secretion.
InVitive Age Correcting Moisture Eye Cream SPF 20, 15 ml
This eye cream reduces wrinkles, puffiness, and redness around the eyes and provides the skin with deep hydration and UV protection. Contains peptides, pro-retinol, and a protein-peptide complex (made from soy and rice proteins) to reinforce collagen and elastin structures, as well as rowan bud extract to improve microcirculation, soothe and reduce puffiness.
InVitive Wrinkle Minimizing Replenishing Night Cream, 50 ml
The cream reduces wrinkles and smooths the epidermal structure, normalizes sebum secretion, and deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin. It contains a peptide, pure retinol at a concentration of 0.1%, as well as azeloglycine (a combination of azelaic acid and glycine), which normalizes the secretion of sebum and lightens discolorations, and ceramides and argan oil with regenerating and nourishing properties.
InVitive Instant  Smoothing & Perfecting  Night Serum, 30 ml
This night serum provides instant skin smoothing, reduction of irregularities and wrinkles, as well as improved hydration, oiliness, and skin tone. It contains a peptide, pure retinol at a concentration of 0.15%, oil complex with vitamin E, and highly mineralized seawater to deeply hydrate, nourish the skin, add radiance and instantly reduce the appearance of pores. When used in combination with the night cream, the serum provides the skin with an optimal dose of pure retinol at a concentration of 0.25%.

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