Sense of Beauty


Raindrops in your hair

The Pharmaceris H pharmacy series which includes 12 products ensures specialist dermocare for hair and scalp. Our new shampoos and trichology cleansing peel stimulate hair growth, and also fight dandruff and slow down the process of your hair turning grey. It’s good to have safe products with innovative formulas and proven effects on your bathroom shelf.

H-STIMUTONE Specialist shampoo double action product, Grey hair preventing & hair growth stimulating, 250 ml / PLN 42.90
H–STIMUPEEL Trichology cleansing peel for the scalp with hair loss and dandruff problem, 125 ml / PLN 35.90
H-STIMUCLARIS Professional double action shampoo hair growth stimulating & anti-dandruff, 250 ml / PLN 42.80


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