Sense of Beauty


The Sun at the Zenith

We love the sun! It boosts our mood, charges us with energy, gives the skin an attractive tone, and makes everything around look beautiful. However, before exposing our faces to the sun, we should make sure to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
Capilar-Tone CC, Evens Skin Tone Cream for Capillary and Overreactive Skin, SPF 30, 40 ml / 42,45 PLN
(available in pharmacies)

Melacyd Whitening Dermo-Protective Day Cream, 4% NIACYNAMID, SPF 50, 30 ml / 47,90 PLN
(available in pharmacies)

FACE ZONE Even Tone Skin Enhancer, SPF 50+, 30 ml / 129 PLN
(available in Douglas and Sephora perfumeries)

Pharmaceris SUN PROTECT, Protective Dry Body Oil for Adults, SPF 50+, 150 ml / 49,60 PLN
(available in pharmacies)

Pharmaceris EMOTOPIC Dermo-Protective Mineral Cream for Face and Body, SPF 50+, 75 ml / 54,90 PLN
(available in pharmacies)

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