Sense of Beauty


Unconditional protection

Are you heading to the mountains? Shield your skin from the adverse effects of low temperatures and sun exposure. Make sure it is properly moisturized and protected from irritation and dryness. Enjoy an active and safe rest!
1. Emotopic
Emollient barrier cream for face and body. Provides protection against external factors that cause the skin to become rough, irritated or to respond with contact eczema.

2. ScientiVist
Intense Recovery Nutritive Night Cream enhances the overnight renewal cycle of the skin, restoring its elasticity and strongly reduces wrinkles.

3. NeoMetric
The anti-Wrinkle Capsules For Eyes & Lips Area  for night care rejuvenate the face contour and improve the condition of the skin, reversing its biological age by up to 30 years.
4. SPA RESORT Hawaii
The nectar hand cream with lotus flower, water lily and bamboo complex provides deep hydration, regeneration and protection.

5. Pharmaceris A Medic Protection SPF100+
Protective cream for face and body. A formula with very effective sun protection formula developed for skin requiring special protection.

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