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Feminine tournaments

Dr Irena Eris is a brand that is attentive to beauty and supportive of femininity in all its forms. By encouraging women to develop their passions, it actively participates in prestigious golf tournaments, and chess and bridge competitions.
Every day, Dr Irena Eris cares much for beauty and broadens the classical understanding of the canon of beauty. The brand is involved in noble sports, improving not only physical, but also intellectual growth.
Since 2007, the brand has been organizing the largest and most prestigious women's international golf tournament in this part of Europe – the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup. The tournament is registered as the first category tournament in the Polish Golf Union (PGU) Rank. Professional golfers and amateurs from all over the world enter the competition, proving that this elegant sport is available to all women wishing to combine the spirit of competition with relaxation, regardless of the level of sophistication or skill. The beauty of nature is conducive to the atmosphere of sports competition and provides an excellent opportunity for active relaxation. Taking advantage of the rich offer of the five-star Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie SPA Hotel and Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute, the participants of the competition can combine their passion for sports with the highest quality care, practicing comprehensive self-care. Although there are still fewer female golfers both in Poland and around the world than male players, the excellent atmosphere of the event makes the event stand out from other tournaments, making it a unique celebration of women and golf.
The bridge European champions 2022 in all-women's teams — from the left: Anna Sarniak, Cathy Bałdysz, Danuta Kazmucha, Aleksandra Jarosz, Sophia Bałdysz and Ewa Banaszkiewicz.
Dr Irena Eris has also for years been supporting the “royal game” of chess. The brand is a partner of the Polish Chess Federation and the Individual Polish Chess Championships and the Individual Polish Women's Chess Championships, sponsoring a special fund for the most talented female chess players. This year’s European Women’s Chess Championships held in Prague was attended by 123 female chess players from 28 countries, including 12 Polish players. The winner of the championship was eight-time Polish Chess Champion Monika Soćko. She is the first Polish representative in the history of the event to win such a prestigious honor. During the competition, Monika Soćko won six games and tied five, earning a final score of 8.5 points. Previously, she was one of 30 women in the world to win the highest title awarded in chess – the title of grandmaster. The head of training of the Polish Chess Federation Michal Bartelcalled Soćko the best Polish chess player of all time, who will go down in history for her achievements. Soćko, who holds the lucky number seven, showed not only excellent preparation, but also tremendous passion and heart for the fight, proving that the story of chess successes can not only be an inspiring plot of a TV series, but also a possible way of life. 

Women also excel in another logical discipline. On the beautiful Atlantic island of Madeira, belonging to Portugal, the place where one of the best soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo was born and grew up, the European Sports Bridge Championships were held in late spring 2022. In this event, the Polish national team won, among other things, the most prestigious women’s competition, namely the team challenge. Defending the title, earned four years ago in Ostend, Cathy and Sophia Bałdysz (privately mother and daughter) and Danuta Kazmucha and Anna Sarniak, as well as one pair new to the red-and-white team: Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Aleksandra Jarosz, proved to be the best among 19 teams.
In the European Team Bridge Championships held in Madeira, the top step of the podium was taken by Polish women – the European bridge champions.

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