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The Dr Irena Eris Tasty Stories cyclical meetings combine all that is essential in dining: exquisite flavors, the best local products and the pleasure of celebrating a meal at a shared table.
The chefs find inspiration for their dishes in "Tasty Stories," the main theme of which was the regional art and craftsmanship, reaching for local products and seasonal.

Hosted by Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels, the annual events dubbed “Tasty Stories” are an exceptional and unique project that tells the story of the region's culinary and cultural identity and of local producers of the finest quality products that make their way into hotel restaurants.

During the fifth edition of Dr Irena Eris Tasty Stories, in addition to the culinary traditions of the Beskids and Masuria, which are home to Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels – in Krynica-Zdrój and the Dylewo Hills, the invited guests explored the culture and art of the regions. Local artists, artisans and craftsmen, people full of passion, with a unique approach to life and engaged wholeheartedly in what they do, talked about cultural heritage. Their art and work were the main themes of both editions held in the Beskid Mountains and in the Warmia-Masuria Province.

The crowning moment of the project is the Tasteful weekend held at each of the hotels, and the quintessence of the search for the best local products is a very special dinner prepared by the chefs, featuring a tasting menu inspired by the region and the art and tales of this year’s “Tasty Stories” heroes. Such a challenge was faced by the chefs of the restaurants housed in both Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels – in Krynica-Zdrój and in the Dylewo Hills – supported by the invited guest chefs.

Beskid Sądecki and the Low Beskids
The heroes and heroines of the Beskid stories were Agata Broniszewska, of Lemko roots, painter, icon-writer and educator at the Cultural Center in Krynica-Zdrój; Pawel Kącki, custodian of the former Greek Catholic church, the St. James Church in Powróźnik, which is the oldest tserkva in the Polish Carpathians (dating back to around 1600), a sanctuary designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Małopolska Wooden Architecture Route; and Beata Rząca, lace maker from Bobowa village known for making block lace, preserving her family’s folk tradition.

The grand finale of the weekend’s attractions was the evening dinner. In keeping with the Krynica traditions, it was held outdoors, in a clearing in front of the hotel overlooking the Jaworzyna Mountain. It was prepared by the chef of the restaurant housed in the Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdrój SPA Hotel, Janusz Myjak, supported by guest chefs who sought inspiration for their dishes in the tales told by the heroes and heroines of “Tasty Stories”.

The guests, attendees of the dinner, marveled at the presentation of the starter dish featuring beet and goat cheese, as well as the extremely richly flavored and aromatic soup, crawfish bisque. There was no end to the delight over the excellent quality sturgeon from a local farm, the flavor of which was accentuated by mushrooms and pickled plums. The guests also let themselves be surprised by sunflower seeds (served as a substitute for groats in this dish). References to the traditions of the Lemko and Jewish communities, former dwellers of the Beskids, could be found in the dessert - a traditional Jewish wedding cake chonek łejkech (honey cake) served with mirabelle plums harvested in Lemko orchards.

The organizers would like to extend their appreciation for accepting the invitation to the chefs: Patrycja Stefanów-Kot (Koncertowa restaurant, Krynica), Katarzyna Miernik Pietruszewska (Stary Dom Zdrojowy, Wysowa), Łukasz Cichy (Biała Róża restaurant, Kraków) and Marcin Sołtys (Filipa 18 restaurant, Kraków).
The Warmia-Masuria Province
The Dylewo Hills, home to the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel, are not only the pristine landscapes of Western Masuria abundant with forests, rivers and lakes, but also the backdrop of many tasty stories. It is part of the historic pre-war Oberland, or the so-called Upper Prussia, where nations and cultures mixed for centuries. Tales of the region were told with the voice of its post-war and contemporary settlers who co-create the cultural landscape of these lands.

Among them is Stanisław Kondrat of Gietrzwald, whose performances on the dulcimer have for years been listened to and admired by musicians and residents from all over the region; Olga Waliszewska, a weaver from Ostróda, with a head full of ideas, whose studio produces multicolored scarves and shawls made in silk; and Eleonora and Rafał Toś, whose ceramic masterpieces (perfect for gifts) and functional art (such as stove tiles) find their way not only into homes in the Warmia and Masuria region.

Their artistic creations and local food products and preserves from local manufacturers were available for purchase during the traditional market in Rybakówka. The shared feast, which was open to hotel guests and local residents, was an opportunity to meet the "Tasty Stories" characters in person and enjoy the delicacies prepared, including smoked rainbow trout, fish soup from a kettle and dumplings, which today we would call vegetarian, prepared by the Farmers’ Wives’ Association in Pietrzwald.
At the Dylewo Hills during the dinner in Sielanka, alongside the chef of the Oranżeria restaurant Agnieszka Wilbrandt and the chef of the Romantyczna restaurant Sławomir Kwaśniewski stood Tomasz Bonisławski (chef at the Warlity Palace) and Dawid Wojciechowski of the Salt restaurant (executive chef of the Salt restaurant in Toruń ), who together took their dishes to the absolute top.

An integral part of both weekends is the setting created by the stylists of Supergirls Do Design, which made the dinner a downright spiritual experience that will live long in the guests’ memories.

Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels would like to especially express their gratitude to the PARTNERS: Ostróda Municipality, Wineonlie, Rent Design, and the media: Sense of Beauty, Zwierciadło, Sens, Chilli Zet, Weranda, Stylish Paper.

New to this year’s edition are podcasts featuring “Tasty Stories” heroes and heroines, available at
An integral part of both weekends is the interior and table setting, adding a unique charm to the culinary experience.

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