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FLOWERS & SENSES – HAND WARM REPAIR provides a stunning sensory renewal for the hands with a warm paraffin compress.
Immerse your hands in a sensual bouquet of seven wonderfully fragrant flowers of peony, rose, cherry blossom, neroli, lavender, elderberry and jasmine. This heavenly pleasant and at the same time professional hand care is based on concentrated oil extracts from seven specially selected species of flowers with strong nourishing and moisturizing properties.

The formulas of Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Professional cosmetics have been enriched with revitalizing centifolia rose hydrolate, certified eco-oil extracted from fresh flowers of damascene rose and natural oil from seeds of wild Chilean rose. The relaxing nature of the care is enhanced by a warm compress of liquid paraffin, which increases the effectiveness of the applied active ingredients. This amazing treatment deeply moisturizes and regenerates, providing satin smoothness to the delicate skin of the hands.


  • dry, sensitive skin of hands requiring intensive regeneration, hydration and revitalization
  • skin prone to roughness and flaking
  • skin lacking adequate elasticity
  • dry, brittle, inflexible, breakable nails, cold, chapped hands
  • tendency to hyperkeratosis of the elbows

  • 100% regeneration and smoothing of the skin of hands
  • 100% hydration of the skin of hands
  • 100% provides hands with a neat and attractive appearance
  • 75% revitalization and healthy skin tone
  • 50% improvement of the condition of nails

*results of tests conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research.

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