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10 years of the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup behind us!

6 and 7 june will go down in the history as a real celebration of women’s golf. During these Days on the golf course Mazury Golf & Country Club the jubilee edition Of an international golf tournament – Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup – took place. This is the biggest women’s golf cup in Poland and one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments of this kind in Europe.
To sum up the jubilee edition of the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup one should multiply 113 smiling women by two days of sports emotions and great fun. The result of the equation are countless memories from previous editions, 36 tournament holes, 25,000 golf swings, 3,000 walked kilometres, 120 litres of Perrier-Jouet champagne, 19 additional awards, and 15 unique cups specially designed for the tournament by YES company. The winner of the 10th edition was Dorota Zalewska from Binowo Park Golf Club.

The Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup is not only a sports rivalry, but also an opportunity to take care of yourself in the most luxury meaning of this word – the five-star Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie’ SPA Hotel, Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute, and wonderful Mazurian nature await all participants. This year the all-time record has been broken – the cup’s registration was closed within only 36 hours.
In this year’s edition the tournament’s participants fought for special cups designed by YES brand. Since 2008 the awards have been founded by the golf brand Chervo, which dresses lady golfers in elegant polo shirts. The main award for the winner has been founded by Deutsche Bank, and thanks to a luxury brand Perrier-Jouet the participants could win a unique 9-liter bottle of Perrier-Jouet champagne (the only one in Poland) in a special competition that was held immediately after the Cup.

This amazing champagne house, whose traditions date back to the 19th century, belongs to the French luxury brand association Comité Colbert to which the Dr Irena Eris brand was admitted in 2012. AUDI RowiƄski – Wajdemajer has been a partner of the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup since the inception of the tournament and a great Swiss watch manufacturer, TAG Heuer, has been its partner since 2014.

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