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Dr Irena Eris is the strongest Polish brand! - Superbrands 2012

The Superbrands organisation has chosen the strongest brands on the Polish market for the sixth time. The latest edition of the project recognised the Dr Irena Eris as the strongest Polish brand!
In this way Dr Irena Eris became, as the organisers described it, ‘a big winner this year’, because in addition to winning against Polish brands, it also found itself, together with another domestic brand, in the top twenty of the whole list.
This is a special recognition of the strength of the brand, which currently includes selective cosmetics, Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels, Skin Care Institutes and the Centre for Science and Research.

Furthermore, Dr Irena Eris won in the ‘Cosmetics’ category and was also deemed as the strongest cosmetics brand. In the battle for the hearts and minds of Polish women, it won against Chanel, which was at the top of the list in previous years. This title highlights the strong position, highest quality and prestige of the Dr Irena Eris brand, which has won the Superbrand title on several occasions.
The prestigious Superbrands title was also given to the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels, which are one of the pillars of the brand operating in the B2B sector. The Brand Board jury deemed Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels as one of the strongest business brands on the Polish market. This very honourable distinction gives the right to use the globally known Superbrands 2012 stamp.

Superbrands TOP 10 - Polish consumer brands

1. Dr Irena Eris
2. TVN
4. E.Wedel
5. TVN24
6. Wedlowskie Ptasie Mleczko (Wedel marshmallows)
7. A. Blikle
8. Gazeta Wyborcza
9. ┼╗ubrówka
10. RMF FM

Superbrands TOP 20 - Brand Board and Consumer voting

1. Apple
2. Coca Cola
4. iPhone
5. Facebook
6. iPod
8. Porsche
9. Mercedes-Benz
10. Ferrari
11. BMW
12. McDonald's
13. Nike
14. Disney
15. LEGO
16. Dr Irena Eris
17. Audi
18. Microsoft
19. TVN
20. Volvo

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