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Great Beauty with Dr Irena Eris

For the second time, Dr Irena Eris joined the unique project of the Calendar for the Embassy of the Republic in Poland. The 2016 edition of the Calendar had its premiere in late December, this time in Rome. 
The concept behind the Calendar is to promote Poland through beauty. The Calendar is the outcome of artistic collaboration between Mr. Tomasz Orłowski, the Polish Ambassador to Italy, and a photographer Piotr Stokłosa. On each page of the Calendar, a world famous model Ola Rudnicka presents creations by outstanding Polish designers such as Gosia Baczyńska, Paprocki & Brzozowski, Joanna Klimas, or Lidia Kalita. The model’s makeup was done using the Dr Irena Eris ProVoke products.
The project was initiated by the Polish ambassador in Paris, where the photos were taken in the beautiful setting of the 18th century building of the Polish embassy, one of the most delightful embassy buildings in Paris. After moving to the Eternal City, Tomasz Orłowski, as the Polish ambassador to Italy, decided to continue the project and present the same type of associations to the Italian audience, setting them in the Roman embassy building.

The embassy palace in Rome is quite different from the Paris building. It comes from the early 20th century, the time of monumentalism, but also of Art Deco, and it is surrounded by magnificent gardens. Nevertheless, the idea remains the same: to show the beauty of modern Polish creation in the beautiful setting of a Polish diplomatic residence.
An exclusive limited edition of the Calendar is presented to eminent representatives of the world of politics and culture, to members of the diplomatic corps, and to friends of Poland and of the Polish Embassy. 
Luxury and supreme quality are the hallmarks of the Dr Irena Eris brand. Developing the idea of holistic beauty, the brand takes care both for the body and for the soul. Hence, apart from the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and SPA Hotels, the brand readily engages in unique artistic projects.
Fashion designers who contributed to the project include La Mania, Gosia Baczyńska, Łukasz Jemioł, Bohoboco, Dawid Woliński, Tomasz Ossoliński, Lidia Kalita, MMC, Agnieszka Maciejak, Bizuu, Paprocki & Brzozowski, and Joanna Klimas.
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