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Love and a life-changing decision

This fall, the film “Little Rose 2,” a sequel to the 2010 Polish drama, will be released in theaters. After 13 years we return to the story of the main character, played by Magdalena Boczarska, but this time, told from the perspective of her daughter.
The first part of the story was awarded three prizes at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (Best Film, Best Leading Actress, Best Sound) and the Golden Clapper (Audience Award), as well as the Polish Eagle Film Award for Best Actor.

This time, the lead double role is played by Magdalena Boczarska. The film will also feature Janusz Gajos, Robert Więckiewicz, Jacek Braciak, and Mateusz Banasiuk, among others.

The story begins with MEP Joanna Warczewska, daughter of a prominent writer, at the height of her life’s success. Her thriving political career and family happiness are shattered in an instant by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband is killed. When fate gives her a new chance at life, another blow reaches her. Someone sends her photos and documents undermining her family ties and suggesting that her mother collaborated with the secret police in the past. Joanna decides to conduct a historical investigation on her own and unravel the mystery casting a shadow over her family. What she discovers will not only make her look at her mother in a completely different way, but will lead her to find her own identity. Joanna will be forced to face the blackmailer herself and make a choice that will change her life forever. We should recall that “Little Rose” left the viewers in uncertainty - who is the father of the heroine’s child? Director Kidawa-Błoński assures that “Little Rose 2” will give an answer to this question and satisfy the audience’s curiosity.
“Little Rose 2”

The authors of the script are: Maciej Karpiński and Agatha Dominik, Łukasz Gutt is in charge of cinematography, Waldemar Pokromski is responsible for make-up, Elżbieta Radke and Anna Trzeciak are handling the costumes, and Agnieszka Bartold is in charge of set design. The producer and distributor of the film is Monolith Films, and the co-producer is Documentary and Feature Film Studios (WFDiF). The film was shot in Warsaw (Poland), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Israel between July 5 and September 10, 2022.

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