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 Luxury Market in Poland: 2015 Report by KPMG
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Luxury Market in Poland: 2015 Report by KPMG

Dr Irena Eris has been included in the list of premium and luxury brands which, according to KPMG’s experts, have developed and attained success in Poland and on international markets in recent years. Findings from the survey show that buyers of luxury goods in Poland pay much attention to their country of origin.

Most of them report that the "Made in Poland" label encourages them to buy the product. The report acknowledges the success of Dr Irena Eris in two areas or categories: "Beauty products and perfumes" and "Hotels and SPA".
In this year’s 6th edition of the report titled “Luxury market in Poland: Polish premium and luxury brands”, KPMG experts presented 20 leading Polish brands in the premium and luxury segment. The brands were selected based on several complex criteria. More than 100 selectively chosen Polish brands from various market segments were examined. The main selection criteria included:
  • tradition and history
  • prizes and awards
  • export and presence on international markets
  • brand awareness (spontaneous and aided) among potential consumers
According to KPMG experts, the brand created by Irena Eris, Pharm.D., and her husband Henryk Orfinger, has long been the leader in terms of brand recognition among Polish luxury cosmetics companies.

Dr Irena Eris is the only Polish member of Comité Colbert, an exclusive club of prestigious brands and institutions, such as Chanel, Dior, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton. Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels were assessed as definitely the most recognizable brand in the luxury hotel sector.
Apart from Dr Irena Eris, other premium and luxury brands mentioned by the authors of the report include W. Kruk, La Mania, Yes, and Delphia Yachts.
The report is available on KPMG’s website

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