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Sense of Beauty - the first issue of 2014 invites you to conquer space

This issue of the Sense of Beauty magazine discovers beauty at the premiere of a unique calendar inspired by the Ambassador of Poland in Paris and his wife. The event was held in the Embassy’s exquisite interiors. Poland’s prominent fashion industry leaders were invited to collaborate on this project along with Dr Irena Eris cosmetics brand. Pictures from the calendar are featured on the cover and inside the magazine, where the Ambassador and his wife share the story of its origin.
The first issue of 2014 invites you to conquer space. For a cosmic holiday, visit our travel section where we orbit you into space on a tourist shuttle. The Sense of Beauty would be incomplete without features on facial and body care. As antioxidants are perfect for combating wrinkles, our text on anti-aging care package will satisfy all readers. For the mystery hunters, we uncover the new Body Fiesta Secret Garden line. You can also learn who and why likes specific fragrances, and the role of fragrance in the cosmetic industry.

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