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 Skin care facts and myths
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Skin care facts and myths

Did you hear that you should switch up your face cream frequently because your skin is getting used to it? We often unconsciously live by such commonly repeated words of wisdom, without even thinking whether there is any evidence to support them. There are many unverified theories concerning body care which are repeated by generations and have nothing to do with reality. Therefore, you should always check the facts and get to know specialists’ opinions to make sure that you’re using your beauty products safely and effectively.

Aging is a genetically-determined process and we don’t have any influence on it.

Aging of the skin is caused by inborn mechanisms in only 30%, and in 70% it is related to environmental factors. Air pollution, diet, and stress influence aging of the skin more significantly by modulating the activity of the genes that are responsible for how we look.

You should switch up your face cream frequently as your skin is getting used to it.

Your skin does not get used to cosmetics. Switching up your face cream is beneficial for the skin when it is showing different needs depending on its age and in different seasons of the year.

Natural cosmetics are safer and they don’t cause allergies.

All cosmetics are subject to identical safety tests before they are admitted to trading. Ingredients of natural substances also include many chemical compounds. Allergies and irritation depend on individual tendencies.

Products tested on animals are still present on the market.

Testing cosmetics on animals and selling cosmetics which were tested on animals has been prohibited in the European Union since 2004. The testing ban on ingredients of cosmetics applies since 2009. Dr Irena Eris does not test and has never tested any products or their ingredients on animals. What is more, for each material used in the production of our cosmetics we have a non-animal testing declaration issued by the manufacturer.

SPF cosmetics do not allow for the synthesis of vitamin D in the organism.

Numerous research studies have shown that sunscreen products cannot cause the deficiency of vitamin D because they do not provide our skin with 100% protection. Vitamin D deficiency in our skin is the result of our lifestyle and spending a lot of time in closed spaces. We should definitely use sunscreen – unprotected skin tends to age faster.

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