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The closeness zone

The skin-to-skin contact between parents and their babies immediately after birth is particularly important in the case of preterm infants and newborns with low birthweight. Physicians and experts stress that it in children it helps to regulate body temperature and muscle tension as well as stabilize breathing.
Therefore, even the best equipped neonatological wards will never replace a close contact with parents. Inspired by this idea, the Pharmaceris Emotopic brand launched a Poland-wide campaign “I Want To Be Close To You”. There are special zones created in hospitals, equipped with armchairs for kangaroo care and couches for parents keeping an eye on their children, while koala Emo – mascots and games – makes the stay at the hospital more pleasant for both the babies and their parents.

15 hospitals
13 cities in which EmoZones were created
490 physicians and staff took part in the launch of EmoZones
11 000 hours of kangaroo care provided by parents
15 EmoZones in Poland
28 recliners
15 editorial teams and local and country-wide portals supported our initiative
10 the duration of the program
25 parenting bloggers supported us on their blogs

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