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The new issue of Sense of Beauty: A journey through a land of beauty

The luxury of discovering beauty on every page of the Dr Irena Eris magazine.
The latest edition of Sense of Beauty is a journey through a land of beauty – both the one associated with beauty care, and the elusive beauty of the spirit and aesthetics. In the culture section, we show you the bastions of the French culture, which, like the Dr Irena Eris brand, are members of Comité Colbert. We also tell you about cooperation with the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre in Warsaw, of which Dr Irena Eris is a patron.

Of course, the pages of Sense of Beauty had to include the latest information from the world of cosmetology. We discover scientific keys to eternal youth and present a recipe for beautiful skin – the Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way line of dermo-cosmetics. We also recommend anti-aging treatments and stress the importance of cleansing in your daily skincare routine.

In Sense of Beauty, you can also see unique photo shoots by Piotr StokÅ‚osa, an outstanding photographer, who works with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dom Pérignon and Dior in Paris on a daily basis. He captures the ethereal beauty of Dr Irena Eris cosmetics – their unique, modern design that reflects subtle luxury. The result of his work is four unique shoots that you can now see in Sense of Beauty! 

Dr Irena Eris is a brand that is constantly evolving, creating cosmetics and services in Cosmetic Institutes and SPA Hotels that are not only surprisingly effective, but also introduce true innovation to the cosmetic industry. 

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