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 Don't lose it

Don't lose it

Thick, well cared for and shiny hair is an important attribute of beauty. Did you notice that you’ve been losing more hair strands lately? This is the moment to take action.
Why is our hair falling out? As a result of the natural hair life cycle, we lose about 50-100 strands of hair every day. Sometimes, however, we experience excessive hair loss, which may have genetic and/or hormonal origin (so-called pattern hair loss), but also may be caused by stress, improper diet, prolonged drug treatments, general body weakness, and pollution. At times, excessive hair loss can also be caused by improper care.

When should you start worrying? If, when washed or combed, your hair is coming out in clumps or when there’s more hair on your pillow or hairbrush than normally, it is worth visiting a trychologist or a dermatologist for a consultation and start a treatment using dermocosmetics. It will help you stop premature and periodic hair loss, stimulate hair follicle cells and increase hair growth.

The Pharmaceris H series offers a therapy for hair loss prevention. The products contain a unique complex of caffeine and a natural FGF growth factor, which prolongs the cellular activity of hair follicles. Additionally, the carefully selected conditioning ingredients – Niacinamide, D-Panthenol, and biotin – have soothing properties and restore the natural balance to the skin of the head.

A dermocosmetic which will support our effort is the Trichology Cleansing Peel for the Scalp H-STIMUPEEL recommended for everyone struggling with hair loss, balding, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. The trichology peel is designed for deep cleansing, unclogs the outlets of hair follicles and promotes the absorption of other substances.

To improve the effectiveness of the therapy, we recommend using the specialist H-STIMUFORTEN treatment which affects hair bulbs, improves microcirculation and cellular oxygenation by slowing down the aging of hair strands, while accelerating their natural growth and extending their lifespan.
  • H-STIMUPURIN, Professional hair growth stimulating shampoo, stimulates the growth of healthy, thicker hair
  • H-STIMUFORTEN, Intensive hair growth stimulating treatment
  • H-STIMULINUM, Hair growth stimulating conditioner, stimulates the growth of healthy, thicker hair 
  • H-STIMUPEEL, Hair growth stimulating conditioner, stimulates the growth of healthy, thicker hair

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