Sense of Beauty


Dr Irena Eris Body Art

Have you ever thought of yourself as a walking perfection or that your body is a real piece of art? No? Time to change it. Reach for professional cosmetics by Dr Irena Eris Body Art. Wonderful alabaster consistency, soft, nourished skin. And this exceptional aroma... Isn’t is the scent of a goddess?

1. Concentrated Smoothing & Firming Body Cream, 200 ml / PLN 89
2. Intense Firming & Regenerating Bust Cream, 100 ml / PLN 69
3. Light Moisturizing & Nourishing Body Milk, 100 ml / PLN 69
4. Rich Anti-Aging Body Serum, 200 ml / PLN 85
5. Smoothing Body Scrub with Alabaster, 100 ml / PLN 79
6. Regenerating and Spots Brightening Hand Cream SPF20, 75 ml / PLN 69

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