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Luscious lashes are within reach, even for those who aren’t makeup experts. Achieve the wow factor effortlessly with Dr Irena Eris’ latest mascara innovation.
Learn 8 ways to make your eyelashes beautiful as ever

Mascara possesses almost magical qualities — a few swipes can utterly transform your face. It’s the quintessential finishing touch to any makeup routine, enhancing eye shadow or eyeliner and adding depth and character. Mascara holds the key to achieving a natural, captivating look. While makeup may be optional, a touch of mascara is often indispensable for defining lashes. Applying mascara appears deceptively simple and takes just minutes.

1. The way you extract the brush from the tube is crucial. Always remember to remove excess product by wiping it off the edge before application. This was you will prevent lashes from clumping together.

2. Begin by looking upwards and starting at the base of your upper lashes, then gently pull the brush upwards toward the tips of your lashes, ensuring thorough 

3. For the full lashes effect, wiggle the applicator at the base of your lashes before moving it upwards. This motion helps separate and lift your lashes, ensuring that the cosmetic formula coats each lash evenly.

4. When applying mascara to your lower lashes, be cautious not to apply too much product, as this can cause clumps. Lower lashes are typically softer than upper lashes, making clumping more noticeable. To avoid this, use the tip of your brush to apply mascara directly at the base of your lashes, ensuring an even coat without clumping.

5. When reaching the outer and inner corners of your eyes and the hard-to-reach corners of your lashes, position the brush vertically and gently sweep over them. This technique helps to coat even the smallest lashes for a more defined look.

6. Mascara can sometimes smudge on the eyelids and skin around the eyes, even for professional makeup artists. Lukily, this is easy to deal with. To remedy this, use a gentle eye makeup remover like Dr Irena Eris Bi-phase Make-up Remover Sensitive Skin Of Eye Lids and Under Eye to effectively remove any product residue.

7. For strikingly thick and dark lashes, enhance them by coloring both sides. Start by applying mascara from underneath, then gently glide the brush across the top of your lashes, from root to tip.

8. Translucent powder can significantly enhance the thickness and fullness of your lashes. After applying one coat of mascara, add a touch of powder to the tips of your lashes. Then, apply another coat of mascara to complete the look. For best results, use the Dr Irena Eris Loose Translucent Powder.
Lift & Long Mascara The new Lift & Long mascara offers more than just spectacular makeup—it also provides care for your lashes. With its flexible, ergonomically shaped brush, you can clearly define the natural shape of your lashes from the very first stroke. The nourishing formula creates a flexible film that not only enhances the appearance of thicker and longer lashes but also visibly lifts them, opening up the eyes and imparting a unique shine.

This mascara is highly long-lasting and resistant to smudging and flaking, ensuring a flawless look throughout the day. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like panthenol for regeneration, vitamin C for antioxidant action, and a blend of nurturing oils and waxes from Senegalese acacia, rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins, it provides both makeup and care for your lashes.

Available at Douglas, Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes, and online.

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