Sense of Beauty


Magda Boczarska and her favorite beauty products

We asked the star of this issue, one of Poland’s top actresses, Magda Boczarska, which Dr Irena Eris care and makeup products she reaches for most often. Between one shooting set and another, she showed us her make-up bag and revealed some tips & tricks. Here are her recommendations.
“My favorite products are all Authority line cosmetics, especially the Beauty Flash Mask instant skincare mask”, reveals Magda Boczarska. “Recently, I’ve also been delighted with the Sensi Science line, especially the day and night moisturizer and soothing cream and the Neometric eye capsules. In the summer, I often reach for the illuminating body lotion Dr Irena Eris SPA Resort TROPICAL TAHITI. “For make-up, I use the illuminating and ultra-light Silky Shine primer as a base. Then I mix two shades of my favorite Urban Glow foundation – I use 025N and 030W. This allows me to match my make-up tones to my tan. I also always carry Bright Lipstick No. 509 in Caprice of Rose, which I use not only for my lips, but once blended, I also apply it as a blush on my cheeks. For contouring and brightening the complexion, the Design & Define Face Contouring Palette is the best, but I also use it for eye make-up – I mix the dry brown shadow with the Silky Shine primer, the proportions depend on the effect I want to achieve”.
3. URBAN GLOW Luminous Anti-Pollution Foundation SPF 30 025 NEUTRAL
4. Dr Irena Eris BRIGHT LIPSTICK – caprice of rose N° 509
5. Authority Beauty Flash Mask
6. Silky Shine Illuminating Primer
7. Sensi Science Ultra-Comforting Moisture Day & Night Cream
8. Dr Irena Eris Neometric Anti-wrinkle Capsules For Eyes & Lips Area Night Care
9. SILKY HANDS REGENERATING and Spots Brightening Hand Cream SPF 20

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