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 Monoi - a treasure from Tahiti

Monoi - a treasure from Tahiti

When it’s cold outside wrap yourself up in an exotic scent of polinesian islands, in which the intensive aroma of hand-picked gardenia
flowers gently blends into the warm notes of coconut oil.
Natural oils are experiencing a renaissance. There has been a lot of talk about their beneficial effects and they are increasingly used in cosmetology. Indeed, oils improve the condition of the skin, strengthen, protect and even heal it. The newest Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE BODY FIESTA series contains one of them—the MONOI oil—a traditional oil with gardenia scent originating from Tahiti islands that shows unique properties. 

Monoi is a Tahitian word meaning scented oil, that is an oil that  apart from skin care properties also provides an aromatherapy effect. The oil is obtained in the process of macerating fresh flowers of Gardenia Tahitensis in cold-pressed coconut oil. The maceration process takes 15 days and each liter of coconut oil is made of 15 gardenia flowers. The combination of skin care properties of the oil obtained from the flesh of mature coconuts with the exotic scent of flowers gives an extraordinary and very versatile cosmetic. 
1. MONOI Creamy Nourishing Body Mask
2. MONOI Nourishing Regenerating Hand Cream
3. MONOI Regenerating Body Oil in Cream
4. MONOI Firming Sugar Body Scrub
According to the tradition, the MONOI oil has always accompanied the life of Polynesians. Due to its nourishing, soothing and protective properties, it is used for skin and hair care. By creating a protective layer on the surface, it shelters the skin and hair from the sun, saltwater and cold. The oil is irreplaceable in the traditional body massage performed in accordance to Polynesian techniques, it is used in religious rituals and as an aphrodisiac. A legend tells that Polynesian women owe their thick, long, black hair and their olive, healthy, smooth complexion to the MONOI oil. 

Fresh gardenia flowers—one of the oil ingredients—are the symbol of Polynesian islands. They are used to decorate hair, are braided into characteristic necklaces and applied in medicine as a skin care and healing product. They have anti-inflammatory effects, alleviate insect bites and support the treatment of skin inflammation. The chemical analysis of their properties confirmed that the Tahitian gardenia extract contains active substances such as methyl salicylate which has anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic and soothing effects. 

Thanks to these properties, the MONOI oil does not cause any skin problems, such as irritations or allergic reactions. It has nourishing, smoothing and softening effects on the skin, protects it against external factors of the environment, strengthens it and improves its flexibility. Moreover, it has an antiseptic and antifungal effect. The MONOI oil is a real treasure among natural oils, it can be used in its pure form as a face cream, body and massage lotion. In the cosmetics from the Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE BODY FIESTA series it is used as the main ingredient supported by the Shea butter, argan oil, olive wax or babassu oil. 

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