Sense of Beauty


Multidimensional effect

Sometimes, plain body care and moisturization are not enough for your skin. What you need is an effective formula targeted at a specific problem. You can’t afford to conduct experiments. Reach for solutions developed by experts. Innovative active ingredients guarantee a high level of tolerance and success in the fight against skin imperfections. The Pharmaceris brand is a healthy skin expert and the Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way series offers dermocosmetics that ensure rejuvenating effects.
1. Pharmaceris T – MATT PRO-CONTROL Sebo-Normalizing Anti-shine Pore Refiner, 30 ml
2. Pharmaceris T – Anti-acne Retinol Night Cream for adults, 40 ml
3. Clinic Way Active Lifting Dermoserum, 30 ml
4. Pharmaceris N–Targeted Treatment Strengthening & Protecting Capillaries For Redness & Hematomas, CAPINON Kcx 2%, 10 ml

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