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 Phenomenal Bovska

Phenomenal Bovska

A new, distinct personality on the polish music scene. Her widely recognizable stage image incorporates the graphic design of projects, impressive scenography designs at her concerts, and also meticulously made music videos.
The first edition of Bovska’s debut album, “Cactus”, sold out in two days, and even before the album was released her songs had been breaking popularity records on the internet with over 8 million views. The artist is also the co-author of her debut album which was made in collaboration with Jan Smoczyński. Her single track “Cactus” is the opening theme song for the TV series “Druga szansa” (Second chance) broadcast by TVN channel. In fall 2016, she went on the KAKTUS TOUR, performing in top clubs in Poland. She is nominated for the Fryderyki 2017 award in the Debut of the Year category. The recently released new single “Circus” promotes Bovska’s latest album entitled “Muzzle”. The music video for this song is a metaphorical journey through the colorful world of circus in which nothing is impossible.
The director and scriptwriter of this video is Martyna Iwańska, winner of many prestigious awards, such as the YACHa award for best director. Her videos were presented at a number of international festivals, for instance in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin. “The idea was simple: I wanted to create a sophisticated and a bit grotesque circus spaces in which fiction would mix with reality. A playful world where people and objects defy the law of gravity and create magical collages. And all is taken with a pinch of salt and with slight exaggeration,” says Martyna Iwańska.
“’Circus’ is a story told half-jokingly and half-seriously. It glitters with many colors which is reflected both in the lyrics and in the sound. The song helped to fill the entire new album entitled ‘Pysk’ with wild animals and eccentric personalities. The music video, which should be taken with a pinch of salt, is a perfect complement to this single” adds Bovska.
Dr Irena Eris ProVoke lipsticks, foundations and lip glosses also played unforgettable roles in the making of the video. Marta Zając and Jakub Zwolak crafted a remarkable scenography, while Ada Merska and Gosia Sulima took care of makeup. The co-producers of the music video were Sputnik Studio and MIŁO studio. Dr Irena Eris ProVoke is the patron of the music video.

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