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The lightness of a moisturizing compress

The lightness of a moisturizing compress. This incredibly light water-textured cream provides a long-lasting feeling of smoothened and moisturized skin. It has a beautiful scent and is suitable not only for sensitive skin.
If you are careful when choosing a cream because your skin is dry, delicate and prone to irritation, this cream is for you. The Pharmaceris A Hyaluro-Sensilium, or hyaluronic acid in aqueous face cream, provides special protection, even if you have atopic skin. Its soothing protective and moisturizing effects will make your skin love it.

The cream is recommended for daily care of the skin of the face, eye area, neck and décolleté. It alleviates the discomfort of skin that is dry, hypersensitive and prone to allergic reactions, dehydration and prone to irritation and redness exacerbated during the pollen season.

The effectiveness of the water-based concentrated double high- and low-molecular cream – hyaluronic acid – is due to the fact that it matches the naturally occurring acid in human skin and thus hydrates it on multiple levels. It acts as a highly hydrating compress that blissfully relieves the discomfort and tension of dry skin. It can be used daily, also as make-up base.
  • 90% intensively moisturizes the skin
  • 95% soothes irritated skin
  • 90% smoothens
  • 81% nourishes and regenerates
  • 86% protects against drying
  • 95% restores skin comfort

*In vivo study carried out at the Independent Research Institute after 4 weeks of use.

The product was created by scientists from the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research. Dermatological formula designed for sensitive skin. Clinically and dermatologically tested. The container with a precise applicator ensures convenient and hygienic application.

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