Sense of Beauty


Tropical climate

The rich formula of cosmetics from the SPA Resort line was designed for you to enjoy spa treatment at home. Choose an inspiring fragrance that will give you energy or soothe your senses. Exotic destinations, dream points on the fantasy map await you — Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan, Mauritius, or maybe Fiji? Close your eyes and feel like you’re on the most beautiful journey of your life...
1. SPA Resort Mauritius
Tropical Nourishing Body Oil, 200 ml / 65 PLN

2. SPA Resort Fiji
Smoothing Body Scrub, 200 ml / 79 PLN

3. SPA Resort Fiji
Nourishing Nectar-Balm,  200 ml / 89 PLN

4. SPA Resort Tahiti
Subtropical Self-Tanning Lotion, 200 ml / PLN 89

5. SPA Resort Hawaii
Nectar Hand Cream, 100 ml / 65 PLN

6. SPA Resort JAPAN
Firming Body Day Serum with Shiny Dust, 200 ml / 85 PLN

Cosmetics available in Douglas perfumeries.

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