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 Turn back the clock!

Turn back the clock!

Turn back the clock! Your skin can be 30 years younger. Yes, it’s possible. Try our innovative Neometric products. Their effects will definitely surprise you and be sure this is not magic, it’s the result of scientific research.
The new and innovative Dr Irena Eris NEOMETRIC line perfectly models the face contour and ensures
a younger look of the skin. So let us try to lead you through the process of research carried out by scientists on this series.

Many years of research into the glycobiology of the skin conducted by scientists from the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research have resulted in the development of an innovative skin care line that works based on stimulating the production of proteoglycans which, next to collagen and elastin, are referred to as the third pillar of skin youth. The solution is based on the Fluxelen™ complex which restores the decreased activity and appropriate concentration of proteoglycans on the cellular level to ensure a modelled face contour and younger look of the skin which shows symptoms of dehydration, wrinkles, lack of elasticity and firmness.

One would want to ask: What do we actually owe this miraculous elasticity and firmness of the skin to? Three main building structures are responsible: two main structural proteins, collagen and elastin, and a third structural element – proteoglycans. They improve the skin’s mechanical properties and bind water. These multi-molecular complex structures are arranged spatially in healthy tissues. They are responsible for the normal development and arrangement of tissues and organs. Due to their gelling properties they ensure functional properties of the skin: its moisture, proper flexibility and elasticity.

Researchers found that with age, under the influence of external factors such as UV radiation, the qualitative and quantitative proportions of proteoglycans in the skin are disrupted, suggesting that they affect skin’s physiological properties, such as dryness or tendency toward wrinkles. The results of own research have shown that the activity of enzymes involved in the production of proteoglycans decreases with age.

How to address this problem? The research on skin cells (in vitro) of the major component of the Neometric series demonstrated this substance to increase the activity of enzymes in charge of the production of proteoglycans up to a level characteristic of cells that are 24 years younger! On the other hand, in vivo studies on volunteers confirmed that Neometric products lead to the reduction of the biological age of the skin by as much as 30 years in measurements of skin elasticity with reference to the metrical age. Needless to say, these products demonstrate very good hydrating, nourishing and anti-wrinkle properties. It’s not magic – it’s pure science contained in a small jar.
Scientists have developed the time machine. Turn back your skin’s age clock by 30 years.

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