Sense of Beauty


You look radiant!

For a glamorous but unforced and fresh makeup look, go for the silky, multifunctional highlighter. It's a real must-have in your make-up bag!
Dr Irena Eris’ new Surreal Shine Highlighting Powder seduces with a subtle blend of pigments available in two of champagne gold. It lasts long on the skin, effectively contours selected areas and gives a visibly reejuvenating effect.

This multifunctional cosmetic allows you to create extraordinary make-up, depending on your needs and mood. You can use it differently every day, experimenting with makeup or simply applying it in different styles. It is very easy to apply, you can use a brush, sponge or your fingers. It is designed for both face, eyelid and lip make-up, and can be used in dry form or moistened with toner or water.

The silky formula and high pigmentation provide a natural mirror-like finish, adapting to the skin’s individual complexion and creating a multi-dimensional make-up look. The powder is rich in active ingredients: macadamia oil and vitamin E, which provide firming, moisturizing and regenerating effects.
Dr Irena Eris Surreal Shine Highlighting Powder

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