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Being eco-friendly is a must

The concern about the future of the planet and future generations threatened by its degradation is more relevant today than ever before. For years, Dr Irena Eris has been systematically implementing ecological solutions and promoting actions for the environment and responsible business. Energy efficiency, recycling, and limiting water and paper consumption are the brand’s standards.
A business strategy, corporate culture, and day-to-day activities, from equipping the office to choosing energy sources and involvement in helping the needy, are not exceptional gestures today. They have become a daily duty that we try to fulfill more and more efficiently. For our actions for the environment and its surroundings, in 2020 we won the SUSTAINABLE BRAND title in the Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Awards competition and was recognized as the most socially responsible and sustainable company.

Water. Our treasure
Since 2019, we have been implementing measures to reduce water consumption at the company. To control its conservation systemically, we have improved the efficiency of the water treatment process. In 2021 we used 20 percent less water compared to the 2019, and since 2021 we have been collecting rainwater and using it to water green areas. Mo­reover, for 10 years now, we have been treating industrial wastewater.

Energy-efficiency. Worth it!
Since 2019 Dr Irena Eris production facilities have been relying on energy obtained from renewable energy sources. In 2021 100% of the total energy used in the company was generated by wind-powered installations. This means that our cosmetics are manufactured using 100% renewable energy. To monitor and successively reduce energy consumption, we developed and monitor the energy audit of the company and, among other things, replaced the external lighting of buildings and parking lots with energy-efficient lighting.

In recycling we trust!
We hand over our production waste to specialized companies. We manage to recycle and recover more and more of our waste every year. In 2020, we joined the RafCycle program, a circular operation in which waste is transformed into a key resource for the economy. Redundant packaging parts are de-siliconized and recycled into pulp, which is then used to make paper. That is why we are already meeting the 2021 levels of recovery and recycling of packaging waste that the European Union intends to achieve in 2030.
In line with the principles of responsible business, we are responsible for our products, socially committed, and act for the environment.
Plastic-free offices
Plastic can be replaced! We are plastic-free company. In 2019 we gave up all single-use plastic products. We do not buy or use water in plastic packaging and have reduced the use of water in glass bottles. We no longer use any non-biodegradable plastic cups, stirrers, cutlery, or food containers. Also, we switched to reusable cloth bags and pouches.

Acting responsibly: Check!
In line with the principles of responsible business, we are responsible for our products, socially committed, and act for the environment. We provide consumers with reliable information and engage in social action. We support public benefit organizations and orphanages and provide help to people in need. We are also one of the founders of the “Piękniejsze Życie” Foundation, which supports women during oncological treatment.

Real help
Since the early days of the pandemic in Poland, we have been focused on relief campaigns targeting medical staff. By 2022, we helped over 230 hospitals across Poland, donating around 100,000 care products. The aid went via medical representatives to pediatrics, neonatology, and dermatology wards, as well as directly to doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Cooperation is a must!
We have also invited our shipping company, DB Schenker, to take part in the campaign to help medical workers. They delivered all shipments to hospitals pro bono. We have also joined the nationwide campaign “We are together. We help”, which was initiated by Drutex, a manufacturer of windows, doors, and blinds. Henryk Orfinger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dr Irena Eris is the Honorary Vice-Chairman of this campaign.

Acting locally and globally
Since its establishment, we have been cooperating with the Ronald McDonald House – a unique place where parents of young patients of the University Children’s Hospital in Kraków and Warsaw can be closer to their children. We have supplied the House with our skincare products.

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