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Celebrating diversity

Every November, in the heart of Paris, this vibrant meeting and exchange place for collectors, institutions, and artists associated with photography attracts countless enthusiasts. Paris Photo is the largest international Art Fair dedicated to the photographic medium.
Since 1997, the Fair’s mission has been to promote and nurture photographic creativity and galleries, publishers, and artists. Paris Photo brings together some 200 exhibitors from around the world, offering a diverse presentation of photography-based projects. Top galleries present historical and contemporary works of art, from established masters to young talents. Artbook publishers prepare unique and rare editions, as well as book launches and author sessions with artists.

The program includes curated exhibitions with renowned public and private institutions, awards, conversation series with curators, artists, collectors, and critics, and special events showcasing contemporary trends, practices, and the latest developments. “At Paris Photo, there’s a place for everyone. All events cultivate a culture of inclusion and attention to what makes each of us unique, Exhibitors, participants, partners, and collaborators of the event are people from very different backgrounds, making exhibitions stronger and shared experiences richer. So just be yourself,” the organizers say. The 25th edition of Paris Photo will take place in Paris, from November 10 to November 13 at the newly built Grand Palais Ephémère on the Champs de Mars, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Paris Photo has also announced an online exhibition viewing option that will be launched concurrently with the Paris show.

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