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 Dreams are for making them come true
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Dreams are for making them come true

Karolina Baszak is the author of a popular women’s blog and the creator of a romantic, fashion brand – Aeterie. Artist and dreamer, who together with the Dr Irena Eris brand has made their biggest dream come true – released her debut album “Waves”.
You have a talent for making your dreams come true. What did you have to go through to get to the place where you are now?
I’ve been present in the Internet for more than 10 years—since the development of the first social media sites. I’ve had my blog for six years, and the Facebook profile and channel for a little shorter. At the same time, I’ve always had versatile artistic interests, and music is one of my passions. A few years back I started to record covers and post them online. Later, I wrote my very first lyrics and composed music. Social media helped me get where I am now.

If you were to briefly describe, what is your debut album like?
It is a kind of biography. Stories of my life, told in a way so everyone can find in them a part of themselves. I’m the author of the lyrics, and together with Krzysztof Ɓochowicz—superb guitar player and composer – we wrote the music. “Waves” is the title of the last track on the album, but also a metaphor for successes and failures. My life is sort of “wavy”– it has its highs and lows, which however always lead to a happy ending.

Would you like to go on tours?
Yes, but rather intimate ones, in clubs before small crowds.

You have a group of fans who follow you every day, wait for your posts. What does it feel like? Is it a responsibility for providing an inspiration or rather support, because you know there is a large crowd that you are able to inspire?
The responsibility is really big. I’m aware that my recommendations are important for some people. That’s why I strive to recommend products that are always the best possible option. What I get in return motivates me to further work—there’s nothing more pleasing than a message or a comment which says that my work— even the smallest, such as a photo posted on Instagram—can inspire someone, give advice, or even solve a problem.

You started a collaboration with the Dr Irena Eris brand, what is it all about?
The Dr Irena Eris brand is the main sponsor of my debut album “Waves”. This collaboration made my dream come true. I’ve known and valued Dr Irena Eris beauty products for a long time. Also, in recent years, I’ve developed a sense of consumer patriotism and I’ve become aware that Polish brands are equal in value to those foreign ones. I still have a lot to do. And I hope my followers will acknowledge the joint efforts.

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