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 How a coat is made
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How a coat is made

275 days. It is how long it takes Patrizia Aryton to create a coat, from initial design to final delivery to the salon. During this time, a total of forty people work to complete the stages of creating, constructing, and sewing.

1. Selecting and ordering fabric

The designers look for inspiration as to the color palette at the world fabrics fairs such as the Première Vision Paris, where the latest trends for colors and prints are presented. Noble wool comes from the best Italian suppliers. The first drawing of a coat is merely an outline which gets to the department that deals with the preparation of the product.
From drawing to design Each model consists of at least sixteen elements, but some more complex models may have more than forty. Only after they are sewn together, a 3D model can be built. To check if the design was properly calculated and made, a prototype is assembled using cotton canvas.

3. The Road to perfection

Corrections are marked with a marker, basting stitch, or by making notches. The first people to test how the coats fit are the designers. Alterations are made using the computer, and following this process, fleece is made.

4. Colors and sizes

The ready model goes into production where a complete range of sizes is developed. At this stage, it is also sewn in all planned colors. This process ensures that a given color or structure match the specific cut.

5. Cutting

A computer-controlled cutter knife cuts out all the elements. Then, the most skilled seamstresses combine these elements in the sewing room.

6. Sewing

The coat gets to a quilting machine which imitates hand-sewing using frozen threads covered in special wax that prevents the thread from rupturing in the sewing process.

7. Done!

Following a successful quality check, the coat goes to the product finishing department. This is where labels with full information about the product are attached. From there, the ready coat goes to the distribution center where it will begin its journey to one of the several dozen brand stores.
Over the 30 years of the brand’s existence, nearly 10,000 designs reflecting trends in global fashion have been created.

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