Sense of Beauty

Dr Irena Eris World

Ocean of freedom

Magnetizing photographs show surfers, who, just like dancers, with elegant ease and flippancy tame gigantic waves. Surfing is their lifestyle and the ocean is their adopted home.
Surfing is easily associated with stereotypes: enthusia- sts of this sport are tanned and athletic, and everything is set on a tropical, sunny beach. But take a closer look and you’ll nd some of the most vivid subcultures in sport, from bike-and-surf gangs to teenagers riding waves in Bangladesh and artists, craftsmen, who create surfboard masterpieces. 
If the waves are high enough, there always will be someone to love them, regardless of how uncommon their location is.
They share a passion and the subject of desire – waves...
The surfer community is characterized by one more thing – a strong sense of responsibility for the natural environment. The desire for being united with the aquatic element hides the need for discovering nature in its purest form, and thus for discovering oneself. 
Surfer, designer, and illustrator Andrew Groves gathered hypnotizing photographs of surfers in the album "Surf Odyssey" published by Gestalten. The result is a unique portrait of a subculture that not only mesmerizes with the beauty of imagery, but also allows us to become deeply immersed in a mystical world lled with creativity, inde- pendence, and the desire for freedom. 


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