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Sporty elegance

The game of golf is governed by strict rules which also pertain to the attire. Is white the obligatory color when taking a swing? How to dress not only to be comfortable, but also to sport a chic style at the golf course?
GOLF chic & style list:

Polo shirt with a collar. Pastels, checkered pattern, purple or even canary yellow! White is not a must anymore. We may wear bright colors.

 White cleated golf shoes that have good grip are the best, although in Florida you may encounter golfers in flip-flops.

Short pants only for practice. At tournaments, men must wear long pants, while ladies can wear capris.

Adds charm and girly gentleness. It’s a good choice.

Only one. It will protect your lead hand against callus.

You will need a set of golf clubs with a bag.

The collection by Chervò is available in S'portofino salons.


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