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Spring look by Dariia Day

While researching the latest trends for the 2018 Spring season, I created a makeup look that is very feminine and fresh. Beautiful, well cared-for, and luminous skin and colored lips play the main role here. This season, juicy gloss will be the perfect choice. Now you can do your own version of our campaign makeup at home!

Step by step

1. Apply the Radiance foundation on cleansed and nurtured skin. Try to use as little as possible, for your natural, beautiful skin to remain visible.

2. Apply the Illuminating Concealer to your under-eye area and anywhere your skin requires slightly more coverage.

3. Now it is time to apply the Red Rebel No512 Bright Lipstick. Hold a tissue over your lips to remove excess lipstick and apply Candy Pink No11 lip gloss.

4. I like to put blush in the end. With lipstick on your lips, it’s easier to assess how much blush is needed. This time, I applied the Pure Rose No51 blush.

5. Lastly, to make your skin look radiant and give it a spring glow, use the Tokyo Lift protecting and illuminating serum. Apply it on your cheekbones and, e.g. on your eyelids.

6. As the final touch to the light, spring makeup, use the Long Lashes mascara.

Dariia Day
Art & Make Up Creator marki Dr Irena Eris

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