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The 16th edition of the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup

The 16th edition of the Dr Irena Eris golf tournament once again proved that women love golf, and the feeling is mutual!
Tournament winners – Iga Józefiak (3rd place), Natalia Michaś (1st place), Julia Korus (2nd place). Tournament statuettes designed by YES jewelry maker.
During this unique golf meeting, the participants were hosted by the Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie Hotel. As every year, the event was hosted by Dr. Irena Eris, who together with the golfers, celebrated this special time for women. Also present at the tournament was renowned actress Magdalena Boczarska, Dr Irena Eris brand ambassador. Famous for her many film and TV series roles, the actress not only tried her hand at the golf academy, but also took part in a meeting with female golfers, during which she talked about her work.
Above: Beata Sadowska, Dr. Irena Eris, Beata Bednarek-Zielinska and Justyna Lach (YES).
The partners, who have been involved with the tournament for years, made the golfers feel really special during the event. Thanks to the S’Portofino brand, which traditionally dresses participants in stylish Chervo polo shirts, the golf course seemed dominated by beautiful shades of pink and blue. The invaluable G.H. Mumm! provided a bubbly atmosphere, and the prizes were sponsored by Tag Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker, and YES jewelry brand, which also designed beautiful statuettes for the best players in the tournament.

Another thing that could not be lacking were fast cars, which made an appearance on the golf course thanks to Porsche Centrum Warsaw, and provided the participants with a hefty dose of adrenaline. The competition for the top step of the podium was between three golfers: Alabama Spring Hill College student Natalia Michaś (1st place), Julia Korus (2nd place) and Iga Józefiak (3rd place).
Marzena Szpilman and Joanna Ogórek (Porsche Centrum Warsaw).
Magdalena Boczarska, Joanna Łodygowska (Dr Irena Eris) i Beata Sadowska. Jagoda Wolska.
From left:
Marzena Szpilman and Joanna Ogórek (Porsche Centrum Warsaw)
Małgorzata Najdek, Sylwia Jurkiewicz (S'Portofino)
Julia Korus (2nd place), Mirela Książczak (Tag Heuer) and Tomek Jóźwiak (Noble Place)
Aleksandra Lorkowska (Bauer Publishing House), Irena Eris, Małgorzata Nawrocka-Wudarczyk (Bauer Publishing House)

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