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The first Concept Store Dr Irena Eris has been opened - an exclusive place on the beauty map of Warsaw

Are you one of the women who consciously create their image? Are you convinced that great appearance is not a matter of coincidence but carefully selected care? Are you knowledgeable about cosmetics and are you open to new skin care methods? Then, Dr Irena Eris brand has just created its first unique boutique especially for you.
On October 11th at the Designer Gallery in Warsaw's Mokotow Gallery, the first Concept Store Dr Irena Eris was opened - an elegant salon with cosmetics and a place for inspirational meetings with a brand as well a space where your skin will be taken care of by our experts.
#CSTR - Where did the Concept Store idea come from? 
Concept Store is based around one theme, one concept. The idea of this place was expérience. It was about creating a space where customers could experience what Dr Irena Eris brand was. And the brand is not only about beauty and holistic help in keeping a great shape. It's specialist knowledge, unique places and people who passionately co-create the world of Dr Irena Eris. Taking into account the needs of women, an elegant space was created where the customers will know all areas of the brand's activity starting from the highest quality cosmetics and ending with the advice of experts.
The magic of meeting in a unique place
Thanks to separated spaces dedicated to care and cosmetics you will feel special in this exclusively equipped interior. Here you can be taken care of by experts who will help you choose proper cosmetics and make a skin test with the use of the equipment for free.

Concept Store is a place where you can feel the brand - immerse yourself in its elegance, discover the fragrances of cosmetics, their consistency and aesthetic background that makes the contact with them a pleasant and awaited ritual. 

The boutique started its activity on Wednesday, October 11th with a solemn opening with the participation of its founder Dr Irena Eris and the media. The event was accompanied by celebrities from the world of fashion and culture - among the guests you could meet famous designers such as Lidia Kalita and Paprocki & Brzozowski duet. There was also Lidia Popiel, a photographer. The world of media and culture was represented by Agata Passent, Krystyna Kofta and Beata Sadowska.
Beauty understood in a holistic way
"Concept Store is a new area of my holistic business. We have created a unique space where everyone can feel the brand and experience what I have been able to create for 35 years. It's an elegant place created for women that takes into account their needs. It makes you feel beautiful, keep your young and attractive appearance for longer so that you can fulfill your life goals. Therefore, it is worth coming here to see for yourself the emanating beauty on your skin," says the brand's creator Dr Irena Eris.

Dr Irena Eris brand includes not only excellent quality, innovative cosmetics that have won the hearts of many women in Poland and around the world, but also the knowledge and professionalism developed at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes which offer professional care adjusted to individual needs. But that's not all.
Beauty is a state of mind
The company can take pride in valuable know-how in creating beautiful and unique places where you can feel special and where people want to come back. It is a laureate of many prestigious awards in the area of building positive consumer experiences at the highest level. Thus, the years of presence on the market resulted in the creation of places where the brand offers balanced relaxation - the basis of health and beauty. The highest quality cosmetics, care and relaxation create the idea of holistic beauty - always surrounded by exceptional nature and architecture. 

Designed with attention paid to details, Wzgórza Dylewskie, Krynica Zdrój and Polanica Zdrój SPA hotels offer relaxation in unique luxurious spaces that are combined with specialist facial and body treatments. All this made the brand anchor on the Polish market as a reliable high-end beauty brand. It is worth emphasizing that the Polish brand is constantly developing and gaining new markets, which is seen in its acceptance into the prestigious Comité Colbert Group - the French association of the most luxurious brands including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier. 
Everything in a unique, modern and interactive way. Feel the beat of the brand! 
Information about the opening of the Concept Store Dr Irena Eris is a long-awaited message for all conscious women who are interested in the beauty industry, especially in high quality cosmetics.

What can you expect by visiting this place? First of all, an extraordinary experience that is provided by an exceptional, luxurious and interactive interior. You can count on professional advice regarding the selection from the whole range of Dr Irena Eris cosmetics. In the boutique you will find the offer of treatments and sign up for one of the Cosmetic Institutes where you can have them done.

Concept Store Dr Irena Eris is also a place of inspiration. Do you want to learn new make-up tricks? Soon you will be able to take advantage of the proposal of Make Up Atelier offering make-up services such as flash make-up and evening make-up. What's new behind the scenes? Do you want to know? Stay tuned and check out the events that will take place at the Concept Store, participate in product premieres and co-create an exclusive Dr Irena Eris brand environment at Holistic Club meetings. 

Dr Irena Eris brand is vibrant - in a creative, modern and very attractive way, it invites you to be a part of it.

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