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 The return of the barber
Dr Irena Eris World

The return of the barber

A well-groomed beard and a nifty haircut—this is how an attractive man who cares about his image looks. A renaissance of professional hair salons only for men makes it much easier for him.
At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, a visit at the barber shop was not only about the need to keep the beard well-groomed, but also about socializing in a strictly men’s circle. Until recently, this profession has been considered on the verge of extinction, but now it is back in vogue. A visit at a barber’s constitutes a ritual of some kind.

A forgotten method of straight razor shaving guarantees male excitement, frequently salons offer a glass of refined whisky and special washing and styling products necessary for beard care. Products usually used in professional styling methods, such as trimming or undercutting, are shaving creams and soaps, this way the foam produced is thick and lasting. Additionally, a softening oil rubbed in the hands is applied to the beard. Razor shaving is more pleasant and precise than using a trimmer. The beard grows at a slower rate, and the skin is smoother. A properly used straight razor and well-prepared beard minimize the risk of irritation, exfoliates the epidermis and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.
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