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 Tropical escape,<br />
Gauguin in Tahiti
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Tropical escape,
Gauguin in Tahiti

The colorful world of mysterious Polynesian women, tropical fruits and exotic flowers tempts, inspires and arouses longing for the unknown.
French painter Paul Gaugin, fascinated by the exotic nature of overseas countries, traveled from Panama to Martinique, trying to realize his dream of life outside the convention. He hoped to break free from the civilization he identified with artificiality and oppression. When Van Gogh gave him the idea of going to Tahiti, Gauguin sold his paintings at auction and said goodbye to France forever. In French Polynesia, however, he faced the fact that the Western civilization even there displaces the traditions and spirituality of the natives. He expected to discover an exotic paradise where one could lead a wonderful, simple life, but the reality did not meet his expectations. He transferred his vision of tropical dreams into paintings, which made him the forerunner of contemporary art.
In Tahiti, Gauguin was enchanted by the raw beauty of the landscape and simple people living close to nature. His painting has also become simpler in form and strength, which is also a result of the colors inspired by the island.

Tropical idyll

The fascination with tropical idyll inspired FREYWILLE’s designers to create a colorful collection Hommage à Paul Gauguin. Gauguin’s lush and colorful motifs were transferred to the precious enamel—to create three lines: Polynesia, Tahiti and Bora-Bora.

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti (2017)

Eduard Deluca’s film about Gauguin’s first trip to Tahiti is a free impression on the painter’s fascination with exoticism. The charismatic Vincent Cassel plays the role of Gauguin. We highly recommend this film, for example, for the scene where Gauguin paints “Ia Orana Maria”, one of his most beautiful paintings in which he accepts his fate and God.

Tahitian orchid ritual

We also dream of unforgettable travels to the land of paradise-like happiness. By wrapping your body in a delicate lotion with orchid extract, you can calm all your skin’s desires. Carefully selected ingredients extracted from Tahitian and shea butter will leave it wonderfully nourished and smooth. Sun-saturated pearl light particles will give your skin vitality and radiance.

Also try out the Tahitian cleansing ritual and wrap your skin in the sensual essence of body scrub. Subtle exfoliating crystals, sunk in golden illuminating particles, will leave your skin smoothened. Combined with tropical nectar from Tahitian black pearl of and Orchid, betaine ensures the feeling of velvety softness for long time, nourishes and firms the body.

Imagine the sun and the warmth of tropical beaches of the Tahiti coast. Enjoy a subtle, golden and radiant tan without having to expose your skin to UV rays. Indulge in a fantastic paradise vision—the SPA Resort Tahiti line will intrigue, surprise and overwhelm your senses with a captivating, exotic fragrance.

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