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SPA Hotels

A SPA hotel or a hotel with a SPA

A preposition makes a big difference! What is really the difference between the two and how to recognize a real spa hotel when planning your dream getaway?
The Latin sanus per aquam, or health through water, is a phrase that gained popularity in Poland at the beginning of the second millennium, earning itself great popularity over the past 20 years. Many hotels being built at the time took it as a goal to have a swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna, and were eager to attach the trendy and catchy word SPA to their name. What is the difference between a spa hotel and a hotel with a spa? What to look for when making a choice?

Hotel with a spa – on top of other attractions
In such facilities, the spa part does not play the primary role. It is only an addition to the essential offer, an additional highlight. The spa here usually consists of a small swimming pool, one or two saunas, sometimes a hot tub, and a couple of rooms mainly for massages. The main activity of such hotels is to provide accommodation services for individual guests and business groups (hosting conferences or team-building events) and catering services, including banquets, often serving buffet meals. Among the attractions offered, a major feature is the entertainment prepared for guests, both for adults and children. The spa in such hotels is only an element in a broad range of other services.

Spa hotel – a holistic concept
It is quite different in establishments called spa hotels. These are places whose entire activity is guided by the philosophy of spa & wellness. It is a well-thought-out concept that aims to restore harmony to both the body and the senses. And this can be achieved when the way guests are treated respects their needs for relaxation and well-being, and the recreational offer allows for a balanced arrangement of the whole day. The goal of the stay is primarily to enjoy treatments that allow you to regenerate and relax, as well as to spend time in the spa offering relaxation. Properly selected treatments can soothe and relax or stimulate and energize. The quintessence, however, is peace of mind and achieving a balance between body and mind. Accommodation and catering are important and synergistic, but nevertheless only a complement.

Experience something special
Spa hotels target a very specific group of guests, who know exactly what their needs are and expect the experience to be tailored to their individual expectations. At the same time, guests want their stay to be something special. Therefore, a very important role in such establishments is played by qualified personnel. Guests come for rest and relaxation, but also for experiences. The special atmosphere of such places, created by the openness, empathy and professionalism of the staff,  allows guests to feel special in places like this. Here they will feel pampered and treated as if they were family friends. This individual, warm approach makes guests willingly return, because they know a comfortable stay awaits them and they have the chance to experience things that will make them feel wonderfully relaxed and cared for.
Spa hotels target a very specific group of guests, who know exactly what their needs are and expect the experience to be tailored to their individual expectations.

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