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 Active in the hills
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Active in the hills

Are you planning a relaxing weekend in the Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie SPA Hotels and you’re wondering how to use your time to relax, but also to improve your body shape and do something for your health? Together with our experts, we advise on how to actively enjoy the charm of this part of Masuria that is so beautiful all year round.
Countless tourist trails allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature and try out different sports.
Nordic walking

A more interesting and effective form of activity than marching. Walking with poles activates 90% of our muscles, including those that aren’t engaged every day. This form of exercise improves our stamina, flexibility, health and general condition. You can rent nordic walking poles at the hotel and go on a hike to the highest point in Masuria – Dylewska Góra (312 meters above sea level) which reigns over the area from above 100 meters.

Trail — Siedem Starych Siedlisk (Seven Old Settlements) (1h) — begins and ends near the old cemetery in Wysoka Wieś. It makes
a loop through the area of old Masurian settlements. It passes through farmlands, meadows, and partly through the woods. This route offers the opportunity to be close to nature and enjoy the beauty of the region.

Expert’s advice

Nordic walking is an activity everyone can enjoy without limitations. And even though it isn’t as popular as other disciplines, for many people it is becoming a way of spending of free time each day. It doesn’t require large investments, juts make sure you have sports shoes and nordic walking poles. This form of marching reduces the pressure on joints, improves circulation, supplies the body with oxygen, ensures well-being – Anita Lachowicz, nordic walking instructorAnita Lachowicz, instruktor Nordic Walking.

Running is accompanied by an explosion of happiness hormones, deep relaxation, and positive addiction. Running lets you relive your youth. When we run regularly, our performance increases, our wellbeing improves and we burn redundant calories faster. Beautiful scenery and woodland surfaces create amazing running trails.

Trail — 16.5 km: Wysoka Wieś — Dylewska Góra — Janowo — Wólka Klonowska — Wygoda — Glaznoty — Wysoka Wieś.

Expert’s advice

Healthy people may befriend running for good. Start with a walk/run and after a few weeks of training systematically run the distance of 5 km. Don’t forget to warm up to prepare your muscles and joints for a more intense work, also for the heart – Jacek Łunkiewicz, instructor.
Horseback riding

Horseback riding is both a sports discipline and a passion which may be enjoyed for many years. Contact with animals helps us develop the feeling of empathy, encourages us to commune with nature, positively affects our posture (straight back). Focusing on the animal also allows us to reset our brain, forget about troubles and cares. Near the hotel, there is a stable with trained and calm horses of different breeds and height so that both adults and children can enjoy riding them. We recommend taking your first steps on the training paddock under the supervision of the instructor. Experienced riders can admire the beautiful landscape while sitting on a horse.

Expert’s advice

Anyone can learn to ride a horse, but riding in true harmony with your horse is not that easy. Communing with a horse is not only
a purely physical activity. It is much more – a multitude of emotions which may be different for each person. Whoever tries this sport once and gets on the horse, often doesn’t get off until the end of his life – Anna Jaworska, riding instructor.

Near the hotel, you may find cycling trails leading through rural asphalt roads where traffic intensity is low or through scenic dirt roads. These trails may also lead through hills which will require more effort to pass. Visitors coming with their own bicycles may use the bicycle maintenance station.

Trail — 30.2 km: Wysoka Wieś — Pietrzwałd — Bednarki — Szczepankowo — Dylewo — Tułodziad — Marwałd — Wysoka Wieś.

Expert’s advice

Whatever model you have, cycling allows for such body movement which may be adjusted to our needs and guarantees many health benefits. When planning a day tour, remember to bring food and water with you. The area of the Dylewskie Hills is sparsely populated, so in the majority parts of your route, you must rely on yourself – Daniel Lempek, manager of the department of sport and recreation, instructor.
What about children?

Many nature paths and educational trails lead through the nearby hills. Perfect for families with children. The nearest to the hotel
is the “Dylewska Mountain” trail which is almost 2 km long and leads from the top of the hill towards the nature reserve called the French Lake and goes back to where it started. On the trail, hikers will pass 18 theme boards. The trail has an educational value and allows to enjoy the nature. Descriptions and maps of trails may be found at the reception desk in the Dr Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie SPA Hotel.

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