Sense of Beauty

SPA Hotels

How nice it is here!

The question of what defines a remarkable hotel often elicits various responses: from interior aesthetics and amenities to the quality of the restaurant. Yet, it appears that our most enduring memories from a hotel stay stem from the holistic experience, where interactions with the hotel staff and the sense of being well-cared for top the list.
At Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels, the staff prioritizes understanding our needs right from the initial contact, whether it’s via phone or email. They inquire about our preferred ways of relaxation, our expectations for the stay, and whether it’s a special occasion, enabling them to tailor a personalized offer for us.

The check-in process marks a pivotal moment in our journey and often serves as our first encounter with the hotel staff. It’s crucial for us to feel at ease and have our well-being tended to after our journey. Hence, the porter’s thoughtful gesture of offering a warm towel to refresh our hands is truly appreciated — a simple yet delightful touch that resonates with us.

Upon arrival, a welcome drink awaits us.

The porter ensures our luggage is well taken care of, while a dedicated specialist from the Guest Relations Department accompanies us to our room, providing insights about the hotel and our stay en route. This personal touch fosters a direct connection, allowing us to address any inquiries we may have.

For those interested in treatments or massages at the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute, the institute’s staff will guide us to the treatment room and will later escort us to the reception desk, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

The evening service never fails to delight. As the Housekeeping Service tend to our rooms in the late afternoon, they go above and beyond, making the beds, neatly arranging the hotel slippers, drawing the curtains, and leaving chocolates on our pillows.

What could be more delightful than a hotel pillow menu? Catering to our individual needs and preferences, we have the option to select from a variety of pillows — whether anti-allergenic, feather-filled, orthopedic, or in the shape of a roller.

Breakfast is another highlight of our stay. Alongside the delectable offerings available at the buffet, we have the pleasure of perusing the breakfast menu, where we can find an array of hot drinks and dishes to satisfy our cravings.

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