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 Journey towards beauty
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Journey towards beauty

Travelling is fabulous! And especially when our companion are the luxurious Dr Irena Eris cosmetics. Everyone who is about to set off on a journey to explore the world in the business class of the LOT POLISH AIRLINES will receive a toiletry bag containing elegant products, which will certainly be a nice touch to the trip. Such a handy bag is obviously irreplaceable during long flights, but it’s also advisable to pack a few luxury products to the main luggage. The photograph shows a map of inspirations for what should every woman’s suitcase contain.
SPA RESORT HAWAII Nectar hand cream, strong regeneration and protection, 100 ml / PLN 65
REAL MATT LIPSTICK ProVoke Pomadka matujÄ…ca – flamenco red N° 600, 4,3 g / PLN 65
SPA RESORT JAPAN Body firming day serum with iridescent dust, 200 ml / PLN 85
TOKYO LIFT Collagen and algae lifting night cream, 50 ml / PLN 95
SHYSHINE NUDE POWDER Matting powder with highlighting effect 10 g / PLN 95
SPA RESORT TAHITI Sensual Cleansing Scrub, 200 ml / PLN 79
TOKYO LIFT Protein Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream SPF 12,  15 ml / PLN 79

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