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Quality creates tradition

"Hotel with traditions" – this expression wins trust. Most of us surely wouldn't mind choosing such place for journey destination.
The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan hotel in Yamanashi is over 1300 years old and is located in Japan, about 130 km from Tokyo. It was established in A.D. 705 and still operates today.The hotel is registered in the GuinnessWorld Records as the World’s Longest-Standing Inn. 13 years later the Hoshi Ryokan hotel was opened at the other end of the Honsiu island, close to Komatsu. It has been run by the same family for 46 generations. All world’s famous hotels are family businesses. People who managed to continue the hotelier tradition owe their success to their passion – the passion that accompanies all their activities, from those most exciting to those simplest, most ordinary and usual – and at the same time to the good understanding of clients’ needs and openness to changes.

Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels can’t boast such a long tradition, but undoubtedly have signi cantly contributed to the history of the Polish hotel industry. Since their inception, they have cherished the highest quality of service and individual approach to clients as core values. Employees do their best to make the guests’ stay comfortable and give them pleasant experience, so that they will want to come back.This wouldn’t be possible without the work of people who often are hidden in the shadow of the hotel’s interior. 
The secret life of the hotel
5:30 AM The day at our hotel begins. First employees come and prepare the breakfast buffet from fresh and natural products delivered by our local suppliers.The smell of fresh bread lls the air.That makes our breakfast unique. 

6:30 AM Preparations for the SPA Center opening – lifeguard starts the sauna and prepares necessary accessories for the rst morning visits in the swimming pool. 

7:00 AM Hotel reception starts the day shift.The receptionist checks the list of that day’s arrivals, departures and reviews the list of hotel’s guests. Morning press is hung on the door handles. 

7:30 AM Aromatic morning coffee is prepared. First guests come for breakfast. 

8:00 AM Maids work in full swing.Their trolleys are lled with fresh bed-linens, towels, cosmetics and cleaning agents. All what is needed to take good care of the rooms and replenish the mini-bar when guests are having their breakfast. 
8:30 AM Skin Care Institute employees prepare themselves for the rst treatments – deliver cosmetics to treatment rooms, make sure the rooms are clean and the textiles are available as well as light candles and aromatherapy burners lled with aromatic oils. 

10:00 AM The chefs show up in the kitchen to prepare, among others, the mise en place for à la carte dishes, check the availability of ingredients, order fresh products and control their quality. 

11:00 AM To ensure our guests a comfortable relaxation, everything must run like clockwork.The technical department checks the technical devices located in guest and utility rooms, air conditioning and heating appliances.They also take care of the area around the hotel: they make sure that the garden along with walking paths feast the eyes with their natural beauty.

12:00 AM Decorations in the restaurant change. Behind the closed doors waiters put new tablecloths and tableware, bring fresh owers, etc. in order to receive guests for lunch at 1 pm. 

14:00 AM The café is provided with fresh cookies and desserts made by our confectioners according to an original recipe to be served with coffee. Our guests receive delicious, home-made cookies upon check-out. 
4:00 PM The afternoon waiters’ shift starts.The waiters on duty take care of guests during late lunch and evening dinner.They help them choose their meal from the menu, match the perfect wine and take their unusual orders. 

5:30 PM Maids start their evening service.They do it discreetly, so as not to disturb our guests’ relaxation time.They make beds, close the curtains, bring the weather forecast for the next day, and put a goodnight chocolate on the pillows. 

9:00 PM All the treatments in the Skin Care Institute are already nished. Now,
each room has to be thoroughly cleaned. At the same time, a smell of freshly ironed tablecloths, bed-linens and other hotel accessories hangs in the air. 

10:00 PM The lights go down in the SPA Center. Employees carefully clean all the equipment in the gym, tness room, and swimming pool.They clean up the saunas, areas around the pool, changing rooms, and other facilities. 
The hotel never sleeps. the secret life of the hotel goes on for 24 hours a day. its employees look after the comfort and security of guests in a discreet and carefully planned manner, providing assistance at any time of day or night.


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