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 Savoir-vivre at the SPA hotel
SPA Hotels

Savoir-vivre at the SPA hotel

Dr Irena Eris SPA hotels were created for your convenience and comfort. You are coming here to enjoy relaxation and leisure. However, to make sure that all their guests are equally happy, it is worth to bear in mind the existing rules. Let us start with smiling. Good day to you, welcome to our SPA hotel.

When making a reservation, we recommend to read the conditions immediately. Check what does it cover and what time is the check-in and check-out. Check-in at the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels starts at 2 p.m. and the check-out is by 11. It is possible to prolong the stay until 1 p.m. free of charge or until 7 p.m. at an extra cost, provided the room is not pre-booked. At the check-in guests are required to present a valid ID.

Any changes regarding the reservation must be notified immediately, especially any information relating to cancellations, or changes to the dates or number of guests. If you haven’t booked any treatments at the Skin Care Institute, we recommend to take care of that in advance.

There are areas at the hotel which are available to hotel guests only, such as the SPA Center with swimming pools, sauna complex, hot tubs, fitness room and gym, and a night club. Outside persons are welcome to visit the restaurant and the café, or enjoy treatments at the Skin Care Institute.

When staying at the hotel one should remember about an appropriate outfit. If we are visiting the café or the restaurant, we should choose a neat smart casual attire. Bathrobes and slippers are only suitable for relaxation in the room, or passing through the hall to the Skin Care Institute or the pool. It is not polite to walk around wearing these items in other areas.

In the hallways and all common spaces, as well as on the balconies and terraces, all hotel guests should speak in a lower voice. A loud discussion over the phone in the restaurant is seen as rude, let others rest.

Kids staying at the hotel should be supervised by adults who control their loud or disturbing behavior. After 10 p.m. all guests are obliged to respect night time.

At the beginning of the stay it is worth to check which attractions and services are available to children and to which age.
For the convenience of the guests, to ensure their comfort and relaxation, pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Each hotel room has a hotel guide with descriptions of available services and existing rules. We recommend reading it.

Bathrobes and slippers found in hotel rooms will help us relax comfortably. We use them when visiting the Skin Care Institutes for treatments or the SPA Center with pools and saunas.

Each bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer and toiletries: shower gel and shampoo, as well as miniature body balms and samples of Dr Irena Eris products.

Let’s save the environment. Throwing the towel on the floor means "please replace". If it isn’t necessary, we should hang it back up.

All rooms are equipped with coffee sets, including a kettle, coffee, tea, mineral water, sugar and cream. These are free of charge and supplied every day by hotel staff. The fridge has a minibar. Everything we use from the minibar shall be paid for at the end of the stay.
At the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels house keeping is done twice a day. In the morning —usually when we leave the room for breakfast, during which the housekeeping staff make beds and clean the bathroom, replace the items from the coffee set and bring new toiletries. At the night housekeeping shift, the maids make beds, place the slippers on the mat, and put a weather forecast for the next day on the bed and a chocolate on the pillow. Guests who do not wish to have their rooms serviced, may put a special sign on the door knob.

Room service is available 24/7—you can have a meal delivered to your room—at an extra charge—and also ask for an additional pillow or an orthopedic one.

Upon entering the restaurant, it is polite to say hello to the staff, and wait to be seated.
During breakfast, we choose products from the buffet by ourselves, but waiters take orders for hot beverages and extra meals.

On-site restaurants operate on a two-shift basis. The morning shift serves a breakfast buffet, and the evening shift offers lunch and à la carte dinners. After breakfast the tables are set again.

We should eat our meals in a quiet atmosphere, and use the cutlery to communicate with the waiter, who will know whether we are in the middle of our meal or he or she can collect the plates.

Guests are not allowed to bring own food to the restaurant, or take anything out. If you wish to eat in the room, you can call up room service. Children can play in the specially prepared areas for the youngest guests.

Orders made in the restaurant or at the café may be paid for with the total bill settled at the check-out. It is enough to state the room number and sign the hotel receipt.
The Skin Care Institute is a place for rest, relaxation and silence. By respecting several rules, you will ensure that everyone can focus on enjoying the treatments.

The Skin Care Institute is a place for resting, relaxation and silence. Guests shouldn’t bring children in and they should remember to mute their cellphones.

Guests should show up for treatments ten minutes before the scheduled time, in bathrobes and hotel slippers, but never directly after a meal.

Taking a shower is recommended before each body treatment. Before any face treatment, men should shave at least four hours earlier, whereas women who are planning a massage, mask or peeling, shouldn’t wax or epilate 24 hours before the treatment.

After and in between treatments we recommend taking a rest in a special area where the guests are invited for herbal tea and water. Guests should remember not to use the pool or saunas after treatments, and also limit the intensity of sunbathing, because we may diminish the effects of the therapy.

If you wish to cancel a treatment, you must do so two hours before its scheduled time at the latest. Otherwise, the guest will be charged the amount due for the booked treatment. Payments for treatments are added to the total bill settled at check-out in the reception.

Swimming pools, saunas and fitness rooms are places of relaxation, so do not disturb others. Children are allowed to be in the SPA area only with adults.

Saunas are restricted to adults and children aged 14 and above. Do not use synthetic swimming suits, instead we should wrap ourselves in towels. There is no prohibition on being naked. Guests should enter the pool wearing flip-flops with clean soles and bathrobes. There is no need for bringing towels, as these are provided.

We hope that the above rules will ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay for our Guests, whose satisfaction is our priority.

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